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Granulated Garlic and Onion

The granulated garlic and onion from Morton and Bassett can be really good in a pinch. I am a firm believer in using fresh ingredients but sometimes you need a little shake of something at the end of the preparation if it just doesn't taste the way you wanted it to. I find these are best in soups and stir frys. They also have dried parsley in them, which adds a nice fleck of color. They are different from powdered onion and garlic which are shitty and taste bad. Powdered garlic and onion are really processed and contain lots of starchs and chemicals. The granulated stuff is real onion and garlic that has been dried and crushed. They say that 1/2 tsp equals a small onion. Potent stuff. Highly worth investing in. They last quite a while. You can buy them at the regular grocery store with the other fancy spices. Not every grocery chain carries them, but you just have to shop around. Or order online. I even found them in the small town John's parents live in.


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